Kitchen Design Trend: Blue Cabinets

Blue cabinets have been making a scene in kitchen designs recently. If you love the look of painted cabinets, it might be time to give blue a try. For many years white kitchen (and bathroom) cabinets has taken center stage in design trends. They are well known for their clean and classic appeal. White cabinets can help … Continue reading Kitchen Design Trend: Blue Cabinets


Why You Should Consider Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen Renovation

Over the past several years, granite has always taken the lead in kitchen countertop materials. However, there is a newer, more popular, contender: quartz countertops. According to Kitchen and Bath Design News, "quartz is the most popular kitchen countertop material, and trending up. Granite, the second most popular countertop material, is trending down." Unlike granite countertops, … Continue reading Why You Should Consider Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen Renovation

Bathroom Tile Trends for 2017

We all know that remodeling your bathroom is a great investment for your home. While bathroom renovations may be pricey, you can see a huge pay off and added value to your home if done correctly. Creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom is all about choosing a working layout, selecting quality materials and appliances, and combining interesting textures, … Continue reading Bathroom Tile Trends for 2017

Are Waterfall Countertops Just a Fad?

While they originated in ultra modern designs, waterfall countertops are rising in popularity in several design styles these days. They give off a sleek, clean, and contemporary appearance. However, are waterfall countertops just the latest trend? Or do we think they will stick around for a few years to come? Waterfall countertops can work beautifully on … Continue reading Are Waterfall Countertops Just a Fad?