Why Replacement Windows are Worth it

Lot 20 Dogwood

Is it time to get a window replacement? Most people can scrape by with repairing their current windows; however, if you come to a point where your windows no longer slide open correctly or lock in place, then it may be time to consider a window replacement.


Custom Windows in Addition


Even though a full window replacement may not be the most exciting home improvement project, there are few benefits to installing new windows in your home:

Ease of use. Windows become difficult to open and close due swelling. Swelling happens as moisture sits along the side of your windows. With new windows, you will no longer struggle to open and close your windows. Plus, you will experience little to no drafts since your new, professionally installed windows have a tight seal.

Add resale value. According to the National Association of Realtors, “Projects such as siding, window and door replacements can recoup more than 70 percent of their cost at resale.” Consider window replacements worth the splurge.

Save money. All of the windows that we install are Energy Efficient windows, which will lead to savings to your heating and cooling bill. ENERGY STAR estimates that you will save $126-$465 a year when replacing single-pane windows, or $27-$111 a year when replacing double-pane. Eventually, your windows will pay for themselves.


Balducci Builders

With factors such as: climate, style of home, and lifestyle, choosing the right windows for your home is crucial. With several comparable window brands and companies out there, how will you know which is right for you and your home?  Balducci has you covered. Did you know that your custom home builders and remodelers also have an exteriors division? We can do it all from siding, roofing, windows and more. We would be happy to help you choose a new window that complement the look of your home and add value. Visit Balducci Exteriors at balducciexteriors.com to learn more about our process.

Balducci Builders


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