Tips to Update Your Home Office

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According to, telework has grown about 94.8% in for-profit companies from 2005-2014 and we don’t see that number slowing down anytime soon. As the number of telecommuter jobs increases, so does the demand for a home office. We briefly mentioned home office spaces in our previous blog post: More Living Space: 5 Great Garage Conversion Ideas. A home office is beneficial for those who get distracted easily by things around the house and need more privacy to get work done at home. Don’t think updating your home office is worth the investment? Bank Rate claims that 44% of buyers would pay an extra $1,920 to pay for a home that includes a home office. A home office doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips on creating a functional office space in your home:


Raise your computer to eye level. Many of us working desk jobs are hunched over day in and day out. Over time, this causes havoc to our health. A stand for your laptop will keep you neck and back straight.


Upgrade your desk chair. Traditional desk chairs can be dated and don’t provide much personality. Opt for an upholstered dining chair instead. Pick one that you love and you will want to sit there each day and get some work done! We like this one from West Elm:

Saddle Office Chairs - West Elm


Add some life to your space through plants or other greenery. We recommend low maintenance succulents for an effortless look. If you decide to go the floral route, try to avoid too much fragrance. This can cause a headache-definitely something that you want to avoid while working!


Curate your desk space. You should be leaving only the items that you use regularly out on your desk. All other items should be stowed away. In regards to the items that remain on your desk, these things should spark your creativity and inspire you to be productive.

Curated Work Space - Photo:


Want to see some inspirational home offices? Check out our “Home Office Inspiration” Pinterest board!


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