The Anatomy of a Relaxing Bathroom

As summer comes to an end, a load of responsibilities are set to start for many families as the kids go back to school. In preparation to school starting, it’s time to think about creating an oasis to escape to. Forget going to the spa and bring the spa to your home with these easy rules to make any bathroom a place to relax in. With National Relaxation Day on the 15th of this month, there’s no better time to transform your space (complete gut job is not required).


Create a calm space by decorating with a natural palette. The warm brown tones remind us of nature, which correlates to iPhone-less relaxation.


Stock up with white towels to add a luxury hotel feel. Bonus: buy fresh flowers that accentuate your decor.


Add some blues to your bath. The cool hues remind us of the ocean’s calming waves and the cool blue skies.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.30.11 PM

Consider lighting. A peaceful mood can be created by using lighting the right way. Skip the fluorescents and go for candles and a modern chandelier.


Even though these tips can be applied to almost any bathroom, it is important to include elements that help you to relax. Don’t be afraid to include your personality in your home design. As always, if these photos inspired you to get started on a bathroom remodel or addition, feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to set up an appointment for a free estimate! 804-730-0982.


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