Richmond, VA: Kitchen and Master Bath Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Richmond

Our company recently completed this kitchen and master bathroom remodel in Richmond, Virginia. The homeowners wanted to update their 1980’s home . When we first met the with homeowners, we learned that they had been looking at building a new home since their home was outdated and no longer served their needs. Luckily for us, the plan to build a new home fell through since the homeowners loved their current home’s location. Instead of moving, they decided to have their kitchen and master bathroom remodeled into a place for them to enjoy.

Before the Kitchen Remodel

Before Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen was once tiny and cramped. It had the typical 80’s laminate cabinets and white appliances. Additionally, the space felt very separate from the dining room. Thus, we remodeled the kitchen to make it more open by taking down the load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room and adding in a structural support beam.

Kitchen Remodel in Richmond

Bump Out Additon Kitchen Remodel Richmond


We also added in a tiny bump-out addition to the right of the cabinetry on the back wall to allow for a wine chiller, TV stand, and extra cabinet space. Although the addition was small, it makes a huge impact on the space.

Kitchen Remodel Richmond

The bathroom was once dark and outdated – far from a spa-like master suite that the homeowners were dreaming of. We replaced the bath tub with a clawfoot slipper tub and added a vintage leg tub filler.

Bathroom Remodel Richmond

Next, we updated the walk-in shower by taking down the walls that once framed the shower and added in a larger shower in its place.

Master Bathroom Remodel Richmond

Master Bathroom Remodel Richmond

We love the new bathroom cabinets in this space. The homeowner wanted white cabinets that brightened up the room and had lots of storage. We solved this by replacing the outdated vanity with a new double vanity with a center cabinet. This bathroom remodel went from a place to escape from to a place to escape to!

Master Bathroom Remodel Richmond

Master Bathroom Remodel Richmond

Balducci Additions and Remodeling is very pleased with the outcome of this kitchen remodel and master bathroom remodel. This project is a great reminder that you don’t have to leave your home–you can update it to match your current needs. We hope that the homeowners are happy with the outcome of these projects!

Master Bathroom Remodel Richmond

Want to see more photos of this project? Visit our Houzz site and choose Richmond Master Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel.


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